Backup and restore your full database or specific groups of tables according to differing backup schedules!

  About EaziBackup

Wordpress employs a MySQL database which is comprised of many tables, each containing data related to the content management system. In addition, many Wordpress plugins extend the database by adding additional tables, which may contain critical information.

In general, most hosting solutions provide backup solutions, however these tend to be weekly or even monthly and even though recovery of individual tables is possible, the recovery procedures are generally cumbersome.

Eazi Database Backup is designed to automate backups as well as allowing you to group individual tables together to ensure critical data is backed up daily or even hourly, if so required. Administrators are able to manage individual backup files and as well as download backups for local offsite storage.

Eazi Database Backup is both single and multi site compatible - easily manage backups across the network of sites.

  Scheduled Backups

Eazi Database Backup allows 2 cron scheduling options:

• Wordpress Cron (this is the assumed default)
• Manual Cron

Eazi Database Backup by default makes use of the standard Wordpress cron scheduler. Schedule settings allow configuration of backups per hourly, twice per day, once per day, weekly and monthly.

  Table Groups

The purpose of table groups is to allow you to group specific tables together in order to create a schedule backup of specific tables. This is particularly useful for sites using custom plugins or multisite installations.

The Table Group functionality allows backup of groups according to different schedules. This allows one to backup mission critical tables as well as general Wordpress tables (eg. all core Wordpress tables) each according to a different schedule.

Price: R0.00


Eazi Database Backup allows you to access a database crash recovery page where you can log in and restore your database in the event of a fatal database crash or hack attempt.

This setting indicates whether to compress backup files, compressing files will help to reduce the amount of disk space consumed and is recommended.

This is used to prevent old backup files from accumulating and eventually taking up unnecessary disk space. When a new backup is created any existing backup files that are older than than the number of days specified will be deleted.

This plugin cleans up after itself when deactivated! All database tables, settings etc will be removed.

If you do not wish to make use of the Wordpress cron job scheduler then you can create one or more manual cron jobs.

Please note that this plugin does not automatically disable the Wordpress cron scheduler as your site may make use of other plugins which require the Wordpress cron scheduler to be operational.