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Woocommerce Enquiry Cart


This plugin allows Woocommerce to function as an enquiry based cart. Customers can add products to the cart and submit the cart but they are not required to login, enter billing information or make payment online. Tested with the latest version of Woocommerce (currently 4.4.1)


If you would like to use Woocommerce but do not wish for customers to login and make payment online then this plugin may be what you are looking for. It allows Woocommerce to function as an enquiry based cart. Visitors to your site can add products to the shopping cart and when submitting the cart they will be presented with a simple form asking for their name, email address, telephone and mobile phone instead of the usual billing information, no payment methods are shown on the checkout page.

After the visitor submits the cart an email will be sent both to the visitor as well as the site owner with the details of the enquiry. The enquiry is captured in the admin panel as a regular order but marked with “Online Enquiry” as the payment method and the customer information is shown in a meta box as part of the order information. Once you have received payment you can update the order details accordingly.

Plugin features:

  • Customers need not login to submit their shopping cart.
  • The emails sent to the site owner and customer after cart submission have been modified to remove billing and payment information.
  • Enquiries are still captured as regular orders in the admin panel to take advantage of Woocommerce reporting and order information.
  • Customer information entered when submitting the cart is shown on the order details page in the admin panel.

How to install and use the plugin:

  1. Download and install the plugin (ie. the download¬†indicated as “Woocommerce Enquiry Cart Plugin” in the email you’ll receive) via the WordPress admin panel.
  2. Lastly, in the Woocommerce settings (ie. click on Woocommerce –> Settings in the admin panel menu) section click on the “Payments” tab and enable the “Online Enquiry” payment method. Also click on the “Emails” tab and change the “New order” and “Order on-hold” to state “Enquiry” instead of “Order”.¬†